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Florida Room

The addition of a Florida room is a great way to increase the living space of your Wilmington home. Commonly known as a sun porch, sunroom, solarium or glass enclosure, Florida sunrooms bring some of the joys of the outdoors, inside. Adding this tranquil room can not only be affordable, but will be a valuable investment to your property.

Key Advantages of Florida Room

  • Enjoy the beauty of your garden in comfort
  • Capture the warmth of the sun
  • Create an affordable extra space
  • Save on energy bill with natural lighting

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Additional Details

Create an Indoor Retreat with a Florida Room

Homeowners usually entertain or relax on their porches, decks and yard when the weather permits, but adding an enclosure to these spaces creates a room to be enjoyed year round. Florida patio rooms allow for sunlight, fresh air and outdoor ambiance to be enjoyed in a more controlled environment so the weather isn’t a factor. On hot summer days you can control the amount of sunlight or shade in your favorite sitting area while in the colder months of winter, enjoying the warmth of the sun is still possible in a sunroom. Create an outdoor living space that protects your furniture from fading as well as bugs, dirt, leaves and pollen by adding this enclosure.

A Florida Room to Fit Your Home and Lifestyle

All seasons roofing has Florida room designs from floor to ceiling with a custom style roofor by simply adding walls to an existing patio or porch using an existing roof line. Use an insulated, solid roof to match the rest of your home or add skylights or a glass roof to bring in even more sunlight.

Vinyl Panels and Aluminum Florida Rooms:

Florida rooms can be constructed with aluminum or vinyl panels, that include glass or vinyl windows or simply mesh screens. The combination of the screens and windows allow you to let in as much air as you like while restricting everything else. Ceilings can include lighting and fans to make the space as convenient as any other room in your house to watch tv, entertain guests or simply enjoy a cup of coffee. Any type of flooring can be added to create the perfect comfortable and manageable extension of your home.

Building a Space That is both Practical and Functional

There are many custom sunroom ideas that have been brought to homeowners by All Seasons Roofing s’ team of experts. They know how to build a Florida room addition that will enhance your home and rejuvenate your life. By using high quality products from companies like Metals USA, Structall Building Systems, PGT and Custom Window Systems these rooms are guaranteed to last. Let the abundance of light in and start living an outdoor lifestyle with all the comforts of your home.

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Why our customers choose us?
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Why our customers choose us:

David Smith

All Seasons Roofing did an amazing job on our community center. Their professional team came prepared and replaced our roof days ahead of schedule. I would recommend their services to anyone looking for a reliable roofing company

M. Specire

Not only did I get the best price from All Seasons to replace our old shingle roof with a custom metal roof but I can’t imagine anyone being able to do a better job then they did. It looks amazing and has given our house a complete new look. Thank You so much All Seasons

Linda R.

All Seasons added a new roof to our community center last year and we were so happy with them that we added a custom all glass sunroom to our home and my husband and I could not be happier. They have a professional team to get the projects done without hassle or grief.

Benton's Testimonial

We called All Seasons Roofing to repair our roof a couple of times within the last year. We were spending money to temporarily patch missing shingles. We finally decided to have them re-roof the house a couple of weeks ago. Mike said a new roof would change the appearance of our house and he sure was right. It looks incredible and we sure do love it. I was worried about my plants, flowers and in-ground pool but All Seasons made sure everything was protected and nothing was harmed. We appreciate the great job they did for us.

Roof and Eze-Breeze Testimonial

We needed a new roof and called All Seasons Roofing. We knew instantly they were the roofing company we were going to hire. They installed our new roof and we were so impressed by their work ethics. The job was immaculate! After they completed the roof we also hired them to replace our screen room with an EZ breeze vinyl room. We hardly ever used the screen room but we love using this EZ breeze room. I tell everyone what a great job they did on our roof and sunroom.

Gary P.

Five stars! All Seasons did a very good job, clean up after job was very good. Nice people to work with

Burgaw Testimonial

I live in Burgaw and hired All Seasons Roofing to re-roof my house. They removed the old shingles and put on new shingles. The roofers arrived as scheduled and they left everything nice and clean when they finished. We are very happy with our new roof.

Joe C.

We have had 2 homes with new metal roofs with All Seasons and they are great. Lowered power bills and the crews are always very courteous and clean cut. I didn't find a single nail in the yard after they finished. Nice to know I won't ever have to worry about my roofs again. Let it rain!

Michelle M.

Sue Clark

Gary F.

Vito S.

Anthony B.

Joe T.