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Lanai Patio: The smart way to be outdoors with the comfort of indoors

Most Wilmington, NC area homes have wonderful yards and patio that aren’t frequently enjoyed when it would be nicer to enjoy our mild outdoor climate year round, but the hot sun, bugs, thunderstorms or humidity in the summer sometimes make it unbearable here in Wilmington, NC.

There are many reasons we stay inside and avoid our patios, porches and decks. Enclosures can greatly change how often you can enjoy the fresh air of the outdoors and warm sunshine while being shielded and protected.

A great renovation for your home or deck can be a Lanai patio. This term took its name from the Lanai Island of Hawaii. Many homes, apartment buildings, hotels, and restaurants in Hawaii are built with one or more lanais. One example of Hawaiian architecture featuring a lanai is the Albert Spencer Wilcox Beach House on the Island of Kauai. The residence of Queen LiliÊ»uokalani, Washington Place in Honolulu, was constructed with “open lanais” on all sides.

Lanai, porch, patio or veranda are often considered fairly synonymous and depending on whom you ask there is no difference. However, there are distinct characteristics that separate the four outdoor living spaces. The simplest of outdoor spaces is the patio, which is characterized by simple exterior grade floorings such as brick or paver. Porches, on the other hand, are often roofed extensions on the front or back of the house. Porches that wrap around the sides or go all the way around the house are often considered verandas.

Then there is a lanai. Lanai porches are characterized by their screen enclosures. Like porches they have a roof and may have many amenities like furniture or even an outdoor kitchen but the screened partitions are its defining character.

Due to the nice weather in Wilmington, NC, a lanai is a great choice for those who like the outdoor breeze but not so much the bugs.

Most enclosures are usually created out of an aluminum framework and can include screens, glass, windows and doors with sliding and locking mechanisms, but there are many custom options, and they are easy to repair.

Lanai Patio Styles

Lanai Screen Rooms – Once patio enclosures are added to your lanai room they are transformed into a sunroom or Florida Room. These enclosures have screened in walls and attach to the roof line or overhangs on porches and patios.

Pool Screens – Pool enclosures are a great way to enjoy swimming while protecting you and your pool from the hot sun, bugs, animals, leaves, and dirt. These patio enclosures can help keep your pool warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer to help mitigate heating costs.

Solariums – also known as conservatories, these glass enclosures let the maximum amount of light in, providing an outdoor feeling to an indoor space. Choose from a straight roof, cathedral or curved roof glass to compliment the architecture of your home or allow for optimal sunlight and views. These enclosures create a comfortable, light and airy space where you can star gaze and soak in the sunshine in a temperature controlled, protected environment.

Three Seasons Room – porches, patios and decks can be transformed into an indoor room that you can use from spring to fall.

All Seasons Room – If you would like to control the temperature of your lanai patio year round, enclosures that include an insulated roof and double pane windows is a great solution.

There are many ways to enhance your home, and create the ultimate outdoor living space for you to enjoy year round. If you are looking to add a lanai patio or porch to your home the first thing to do is start dreaming up your ideal space. You can view our patio enclosures gallery or visit sites like for outdoor living space ideas on how your house can look like and then schedule your free in-home cost estimate for a Lanai Patio or patio enclosures.