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Benefits of Cedar Shake Roofing in Wilmington, NC

Cedar Shake Roofing is sure to make your home stand out in the best way possible. Cedar shake roofs from All Seasons Roofing offer a unique and distinctive look to any building project. Although the price of cedar shake roofs can be more than other roofing types, the advantages can outweigh the costs. Cedar shake roofs are a gratifying option in regards to visual appeal, security, and durability. But those aren’t the only benefits they offer:

Insulation & Convenience

The inner grains of the wood in cedar shingles have air pockets that prevent temperature levels from passing through on either side, so cold winds and hot sunlight won’t penetrate the air in your home. The insulation of cedar shingles will keep your house cooler in the summertime, protecting your interior from hot solar rays. It also keeps cool air from escaping, so you will save money on your air conditioning expenses.

Repels Insects

Cedar includes a chemical deep within its layers that wards off termites, so you won’t have to worry about those pesky insects invading your home and causing tons of repair work. Termites will likely choose to gnaw through someone else’s roof rather than yours.

Pleasant Smell

Out of every roofing and siding option available, cedar has the most pleasant, fresh smell and adds to the beauty of a home. If you plan on selling your home, this will be a noticeable attribute. It will likely be one of the first things someone notices upon crossing the threshold into your home.

Damage Resistance

Think about cedar trees that have withstood the tests of nature throughout the ages. It is a timber that can stand up to rough and unstable winds and rain, making it one of the strongest, most durable roofing options. Cedar shingles can keep their shape and character for thirty years or more since they are so resistant to damage. They are also less likely than any other wood shingles to swell in wet climates.

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