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Advantages of PVC Roofs in Wilmington, NC

PVC roofs started in Europe in the 1960s and came to the U.S. in the 1970s. PVC roofing material is a single-ply membrane made of thick UV resistant thermoplastic material. It can also contain polyester or fiberglass, resins, pigments, plasticizers, and other chemicals. All Seasons Roofing is one of the premier PVC roofs providers. We back all PVC roofs with our reliable service and quality installation techniques. This type of roofing offers a great set of advantages: Durability

Hot-air welded seams make PVC roofing membranes strong, durable, and impermeable to moisture. They form a watertight bond that is even stronger than the material itself. Other roofing systems require adhesives, tapes, and caulks to seal the seams together, making them a lot less durable than PVC.

Long Service Life
With supreme strength and durability, PVC roofing holds itself to a long service life. Getting a high-quality PVC roofing membrane installed properly will require little maintenance throughout its service life and can last around 20 years. This will save you thousands on maintenance and repairs in the long run. Resistance to Chemicals

Commercial buildings, such as warehouses and manufacturing facilities, may experience exposure to chemicals. Other roofing materials like asphalt and single-ply roofing membranes may be considerably damaged by harsh chemicals and toxins, so PVC roofing is certainly the best option.

Wind & Fire Resistant
PVC roofing does not support combustion, burns slowly, is difficult to ignite, and extinguishes the fire as long as the source is removed. PVC roofing membranes have passed FM and UL fire testing. PVC roofing systems’ hot-air welded seams and durability also provides resistance to strong winds, giving them the ability to withstand Category 3 hurricanes.

PVC membranes are designed to be watertight, especially during storms and hurricanes. They can stand up to constant dampness, ponding water, and high and low alkaline conditions. Mold, bacteria, and plant roots are no match for PVC membranes and will cause no negative impact if exposed.

All Seasons Roofing
If your building frequently experiences harsh weather conditions, is located in an urban area, and/or you are looking to keep maintenance costs to a minimum with eco-friendly options, PVC roofing is worth considering. Flexible and easily customizable to fit many different roof sizes, PVC roof sheets can be prefabricated to cut down on costs and waste at the job site. For more information on PVC roofs, contact All Seasons Roofing today!